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2009-07-24 23:37:24 by Krussi

Well, I've been gone for some weeks, was at my summer house, so I've not had access to internet. Anyhow, started to work on a new song latley, and hopefully my fans and friends will dig it somehow. And a big shout out to my fans, supporters and friends. Most to LK412, Kazmo, HalcyonicFalconX (Melody), 3fiddy and Meisel.

I'll try to keep myself updated ^^



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2009-07-28 12:42:39

Jonas, maten är klar!

Krussi responds:

aah, jag ska bara spela klart matchen!


2009-07-31 09:39:41

Awww..I'm not here :( ITs ok.. Well you rock dude, keep to trance the world :D (do that sentence have a meaning? :P)

Krussi responds:

dang, forgot about you :( sorry man.

I guess you could say: keep entrancing the world :P
and thanks alot Ben ^^


2009-07-31 09:54:08

jag älskar sverige xD

keep up the good music =)

Krussi responds:

hahaha, dank sie :D

ich liebe Deutschland ^^

And I'll try to keep it up ^^ got 2 more wips that I'm working on :P


2009-08-01 20:02:27

Yay youre not dead! ^^

Krussi responds:

haha, yaaay indeed :D mostly for my part ^^
Been away for sometime and took a break for music making ^^


2009-08-09 15:25:37

Flger jager schlein flein shefierstein :D

Ya, that didnt mean anything, i just felt left out cuz everyone posting knows swedish. :(



Krussi responds:

hahaha, that sounds german, or something :P

I will post mooaaaar songs, when they're ready, got enough of WiP's on my acc as it is :P

Thanks for stopping by LK :D

You should post more songs aswell! :O and we should do that collab we were talking about :P


2010-06-17 03:22:20

Change your stupid picture it's lame

Krussi responds:

yeah, I should. It's rather old now :P


2010-06-21 11:26:20

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2011-02-24 12:33:14

Forgot how amaaaaaaaazing your melodies are, just went through your new stuff and it's as good as ever.

Been a while :P


2011-07-10 23:49:29

Enjoy your Summertime Krussi ! =D

Cheers Sema ^_^v